Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pregnancy Journal: Week 10

There isn't much new this week, just sick and tired all of the time. I finally filled my prescription that I got from my doctor for nausea, and tried it out. It works great! At least, for a few days and then it seems like the effectiveness wears off and I have to have more of it for a smaller effect. So now I ration it and try not to have it unless I am at work or doing something I absolutely have to be functional for. If I am just at home, I do my best to just rest and drink broth or something to soothe my stomach.

We visited Anthony's family this weekend and got to tell them the good news! It was really fun. We wore these shirts that I ordered off of the internet that say "Mommy '11" and "Daddy '11" and we wore them to visit Ant's sister and brother-in-law and to visit his parents later on. It was so much fun waiting for them to notice and say something about it. Ant's sister, Happy, noticed right away and said, "Are you guys trying to tell us something". We just grinned and nodded and she was really excited for us. Ant's brother-in-law, Jared, needed a little more coaxing :) We basically had to keep hinting around, "Do you like our t-shirts?" and "Don't you like t-shirts that say things?". He was completely oblivious for awhile until he finally got it. Once he did, he said that he noticed them, but just didn't connect it to us being pregnant.

Anthony's parents were really fun to tell! Almost as soon as we walked into the door his mom saw my shirt and kept repeating it hopefully, "Mommy?!, Mommy?!". I told her to look at Anthony's shirt and when she saw what it said she squealed so loud, I couldn't believe it!! She was beside herself. Ant's dad was happy too, but nothing compares to her joy :) We all hugged and hugged multiple times and then she raced out of the room. I thought she was going to get the camera, but she came back with a stack of maternity shirts that she bought for me last year and was saving for just this occasion. Here are the pictures we took with the future grandparents and great-grandparent:

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