Thursday, July 2, 2015

Going out on the boat & Chuck e Cheese

One Monday morning we decided to all go out on the boat and explore some sandbars under the bridge. It was fun checking everything out. We tried to fish, but only managed to catch one little puffer fish.

We found a huge hermit crab and had to check it out. I have never seen one so big!

We went out to lunch for my mom's birthday and we discovered that Rett will copy you if you make a mean face. He is so dang good at it!! I laugh every time, he really commits to it :)

James has been begging to go to Chuck-e-Cheese, so I finally agreed to go as long as Anthony went with us. Both boys had a blast! They each got some tokens to use and Rett loved running around and picking what he wanted to do. Rett's favorite was the merry go round. He was so serious when he was on it, but when we would take him off, he would run right back to it and want to go again. There were a few other little boys who wanted to do it, so the parents took turns putting coins in to make it go.

James jumped on for one of the rides. He has much more facial expression about it :)

After they used up all their tokens, we had dinner and cashed in James' tickets. We discovered that there is a game app for chuck-e-cheese that earns you up to 1000 tickets per visit, so this was our first time with a large amount of tickets to redeem. James was so excited that he could pick out so many things. He ended up with 3 different size rocket toys and a few small things. After we were done eating, we walked outside to a small playground they have in the shopping center and James shared his rocket toys with two other little boys. He handed them out and then yelled, "Is everyone enjoying their rockets??". We were so proud of him being so kind and sharing so well!!

I don't know where else to put these pictures, but I took these one morning when I just couldn't get over how cute this baby is. Why can't I look this cute first thing in the morning? 

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