Monday, July 13, 2015

Fireworks and Daytona Lagoon

4th of July weekend my brother came to visit and we all went to the fireworks. Since they don't start until 9pm, we did dinner and bath time as usual. We put the boys in pajamas and then we headed to the fireworks! The boys had a blast running around and since they were in superhero pajamas, they got a lot of attention :) The sound of the fireworks has never bothered Rett before, but for some reason this year they did. As soon as he heard anything loud, he would bury his face into Anthony's shoulder and get this super sad face. He wouldn't cry, he just got sad. It was so cute and pathetic at the same time! (He closed his eyes at the flash, but they were open almost the whole time, just staring sadly)

Of course, James loved it! There were these really loud sonic boom-type fireworks that would go off and James said, "The big loud ones are my favorite!"

The Monday after the holiday was Daniel's birthday, so we decided to go play laser tag at Daytona Lagoon. We've never gone before, it has a large water park and a lot of indoor things to do too, like an arcade and a rock climbing wall. Rett was too little to go into the laser tag, so I stayed out with him while the boys went.

 Showing us what his teeth look like in the black light:
 Checking out his glowing socks:

 All suited up and ready to shoot!

After laser tag, we checked out the arcade.

James couldn't reach the gas pedal on this game, so he had to hang off of the steering wheel and stretch his legs as far as he could. He was determined to play it!
The water park looked like a lot of fun, so we will definitely be going back soon!

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Happy said...

The fun never ends with you guys!! Love Rett's face, so pathetic and adorable!!