Thursday, July 2, 2015

Seaside Fiesta

We decided to checkout a festival in downtown New Smyrna called the Seaside Fiesta. It was supposed to be really kid friendly with a lot of kid activities, but it turned out to be a dud. They had a few things for kids to do, but it was mostly people selling different things in the middle of the street. James didn't want to do most of it, but he did like being able to draw on a car! They had a bunch of dry erase markers and were encouraging everyone to decorate it. James drew his name and was so proud!

After walking through and looking at everything, James insisted that he was ready to go back to the car and play at the beach. We parked the car at a beach parking lot, so it was just too tempting to pass up! Both boys were loving running around in the sand, although Rett has inherited James' love of running straight towards the beach driving lane :)
 Then Rett's pants had to come off...

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