Friday, July 17, 2015

Phone pictures

James wanted to ride his bike up to the fire station in our neighborhood to visit the fire engines. One of the first times we visited, they told us if their garage door is open then we are welcome to come in and check things out. Now James insists on stopping in every time he sees the garage door up! This time they happened to be testing their flashing lights, so a few of the vehicles had all their lights on. James was very impressed :)

After swimming at the pool, we walked to the playground next door. James insisted Rett hold his hand. He kept saying, "come on Rett! You wanna hold my hand?"

James was very focused on playing in this toy car one evening. He had his fake keys in the ignition and he was making all the car noises. When I warned him that it would be time to go inside and take a bath in 5 minutes, he said, "well, sorry mommy, but I'm driving somewhere far away right now".

We dressed up like cows to get our free food at chick-fil-a for cow appreciation day! We went for lunch while Anthony was at work, so Anthony got out of wearing a costume this year :)

James was a little upset that he had to wear the homemade cow costume and that he didn't have "a soft one like Retty boy's". It didn't help that once we got there, everyone was oohing and ahhing over how cute Rett was. I think they were both stinkin' adorable! James was also not impressed with their kids meal toy. He said, "toys are supposed to have wheels!"

One of the parks close to us has a large dock that goes out into the water, so I thought it would be the perfect location to watch a rocket launch that was scheduled for that morning. We played on the playground for about 30 minutes before walking to the dock 5 minutes before liftoff.

The boys were loving the racing slides. They would slide down, turn around, and climb back up so they could do it all again.

James wanted to snuggle one afternoon while Anthony and I were sitting on our bed, wishing we could take a nap :) Why do kids hate sleep so much?? Sleep is soooo good.

While Rett was napping, James decided he needed to explore the rain puddles in his firefighter hat and rain boots, pulling his wagon with his elephant and his toy planes in it. He has informed me that he will be keeping elephant "forever and ever, even when I'm super grown up"

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Happy said...

SOOOOO cute with the boys holding hands!!! And I laughed out loud at your comment about why don't kids like to sleep, sleep is sooo good. IT. IS. SO. TRUE. Why, why don't they like to sleep!?!? I fantasize about going on a vacation and just sleeping!!
We are so excited for you guys to get here we can't stand it!!! Hurry up September!!