Saturday, June 27, 2015

Father's Day

For Father's day this year, a friend gave me the idea to go to the new paint your own pottery place in town and make a special plate for Anthony. I went with the boys while Anthony stayed home and I told James that we were going to make a surprise for Daddy. It was killlllling James to keep this a secret for a week!

I've never been to one of these places before, so I wasn't sure how it was going to all work out. Once we got everything set up, I had both boys do hand prints on the front and then I stenciled "Happy Father's Day" on the back while trying to keep Rett in his seat...Not easy! Once we got to where they both could help paint the rest of it we had a few moments of peace:

Once we were all done, I started to clean everything up and I lost track of Rett for a second. When I looked up, he had picked up a pottery monkey and as I rushed toward him the lid fell off and shattered everywhere! I looked at the price tag and it said $26!! The owner only charged me half since she could reuse the bottom part, but I was still a little frazzled. I kept telling myself that in the end it would be worth it and hoped that Anthony would appreciate all the effort :)

Father's day morning I got up early to make Anthony blueberry pancakes on his new plate. Rett wanted some too. Isn't he just the cutest, smooshiest thing?

James had been hinting to Anthony about "the surprise" all week, so Anthony had figured out that we had decorated something for him, but didn't know what exactly.

James wanted to get his own picture of Anthony's face :)

While I was getting ready for church, I saw Anthony snuggling with Rett and thought it was a perfect picture for Father's day. Our kids have a pretty cool dad!

I also gave Anthony this interview I did with James about him. I love these things! My favorite is the last question about what Anthony teaches James. He looked at me and said, "To be bad!" then he smiled and said, "just teasin'. We fix things together". Giving me a fake answer and then saying he was just teasing? That is such an Anthony thing to do!

For dinner Anthony couldn't decide what he wanted, so I made an olive garden copycat recipe of steak and shrimp with spinach alfredo. It was a hit! Afterwards we had Anthony's favorite: cookie cake although nobody had very much because we were all stuffed. It was a great day celebrating a great father!

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Happy said...

Such a cute idea!! Love it! I was cringing for you over the broken piece, I could feel your pain! But that's so awesome about the present, you know y'all will have that forever! Fun!