Friday, July 24, 2015

All about James

James gave the scripture in primary a few Sundays ago and Anthony was able to video it. Primary is still really hard for him, he is doing really well in his Sunbeam class, but sharing time and singing time is a challenge. I wasn't sure if he was going to be able to do his scripture since it is at the very end of primary and he usually has to be taken outside by then, but he was really excited to get up there. I was so relieved!

Ever since James was a baby, he has never been able to sleep anywhere but in his bed by himself. He rarely fell asleep in his car seat past a certain age, and almost never in his stroller. I can count on one hand how many times he has even attempted to sleep in our bed with us, much less actually do any sleeping once he is there. It has been the strangest thing, but recently that has started to change! Around 4pm or so, he has started falling asleep where ever he is: the car, the couch, my bed, my lap, you name it! In the morning he has started wanting to be in our bed and actually sleep, and at bedtime he will lie down next to me (in his bed while we are reading stories) and just drift off to sleep. It is actually kind of peaceful to have snuggle time with this kiddo without him jumping on my hair or talking my ear off. I don't know if this is just a phase/growth spurt/weird kid thing, but for now I am enjoying it :)

Whenever we leave the house, James always has to bring elephant and doggie so that they "don't miss anything". He usually wants to bring a toy too, so it can be quite the production watching him carry everything around. Monday morning I went grocery shopping with him and he brought three stuffed animals and two toys. He was dropping things left and right, but he insisted that he neeeeeeded them all!

James watched an episode of one of his favorite shows where they made cupcakes, so of course he insisted that WE needed to make cupcakes. I had everything except eggs, so I found a recipe that didn't use any and he helped me make some. After icing them, he put the sprinkles on and then after dinner he got to have one. Really he just licked all the chocolate frosting off and then threw the rest away :)

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Happy said...

What a cutie!! We can't wait for him to get out here and play! Love getting to know your kids through blogs!