Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring Soccer

James has been enjoying soccer this season, and it seems to have gone by quickly! They only have a few games left in the season. James really likes to go and play with his team and he has gotten much better at paying attention and not pushing or shoving the other kids. He isn't one of the fastest kids, so he doesn't get the ball often, but he tries! He was disappointed that they aren't the green team like the last two seasons, but he got used to it. This season they are Yellow Crush :)

Before the game starts, they line up with their team and wait to start warming up.
 Then they stretch and run laps.
 James loves his soccer chair that Mimi and Papa got him! When it is his turn to sit out, he comes running back to his chair squealing, "I get to sit!!!". Rett has decided he loves the chair too, so whenever James is out there playing, Rett takes over the chair. I think we are going to have to buy another one soon just for him :)

James has gotten the ball a few times this season during the games, but unfortunately he almost always heads the wrong way :) I think he takes advantage of the fact that nobody is blocking him when he goes the wrong way and decides to run for it. Here is a video of him trying to kick the ball into our own goal...luckily the goalie caught it!

James coach hurt his leg racing dirt bikes, in his words, "pretending to be young", so he coached last Friday's game with crutches. All of the kids were very curious about his injury and wanted to touch his crutches. James played defense right next to him and asked him lots of questions (of course!). When it was his turn to come sit with us, he told us, "My coach got hurt riding bikes with no training wheels! He needs training wheels!"

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