Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rett at 18 Months

My smoosh is a year and a half old already! He is still my baby in some ways (he flat out refuses to drink milk from anything but a bottle), but such a little boy now in a lot of ways. A few days after I gave James a haircut, I pulled out the clippers and trimmed Rett's hair. It is shorter all the way around, but is still definitely curly.

He has almost all of his molars now, plus four teeth on top and three on bottom. Not that it ever stopped him before, but he definitely eats any and everything with those teeth. He loves green beans, broccoli, pears, peaches, peas, peanuts, applesauce, yogurt, bananas, noodles, chicken, crackers, you name it. He won't drink anything but milk or water, and doesn't like anything frozen like popsicles or ice cream. Which I wouldn't have even realized except he got an ear infection from all of the drainage from cutting his molars and he refused to drink a single thing for two entire days! I tried popsicles, jello, juice, anything I could think of to get him hydrated but nothing worked. He was barely wetting his diapers throughout the day and I was starting to get worried. After we got him on antibiotics, he perked right up and went back to drinking from his bottle. I was so relieved!

Since we had to measure and weigh him for the antibiotics, I got his 18 month statistics. The software Anthony's office uses gave us really different percentiles than all the other growth chart calculator's out there, so I'm not sure which one is more accurate. Either way, we've got a sturdy little man!

Weight: 26 pounds (Office: 73rd percentile, calculator: 50th percentile)
Height: 31 inches   (Office: 8th percentile, calculator: 12th percentile)

He loves to talk at us, but we don't usually know what he is saying :) He says, "Here go" and gives you things, "uh oh", "no", "yeah", "night night", "mommy" (me), "mama" (grandma), If we say "bath time!" he runs straight to the bathtub and if we tell him to hand something to one of us (me, Anthony, or James) he will go to the right person.
He loves to copy everyone, so he often does exactly what James is doing. If James is running around screeching, Rett is usually right behind him doing the same thing. If you make a funny face at Rett, he will make it right back at you. It is so funny! He does a really good mean squinty face with half-closed eyes that I can't get enough of. We just love this little guy!

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Happy said...

Dang that was a fast year and a half!! I'm so glad you blog so I feel like I'm a part of them growing up!! He is so stinking cute!!! And I love that one of your kids got your curls! A boy with curls is like an extra dash of adorable.