Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Easter & General Conference

We had a busy, busy Easter weekend! Our ward Easter activity was the Friday afternoon before, and primary was put in charge of the egg hunt. I put a lot of time and effort into it because I wanted it to be fun for everyone, none of that pushing and grabbing for eggs! We planned three separate egg hunts based on age group and Anthony helped make wooden stakes so that we could rope off the different areas in the church parking lot. The missionaries stopped by one night and we got them to help us stuff the eggs. We stuffed over 400 eggs! I figured too many is better than too little right?

The nursery age group went first and had the grassiest spot all to themselves to find their eggs. The 4-7 age group went next and each age had a color egg they were supposed to find (4 year olds green, 5 year olds orange, etc...). That way they could focus on getting their own color and not taking the eggs from the person next to them. I put little color dot stickers on their hands before we went out there, so they could remember what their color was. The 8-12 age group had their own eggs to find that had candy and prizes mixed in with puzzle pieces. Once they found all the puzzle pieces and put them together, it "unlocked" a box full of treat bags for them that had assorted toys and treats from the dollar store. Somehow we didn't find all the puzzle pieces (I think the younger group might have wandered past the rope and gotten the older eggs), but we called it good and opened the treat box anyway. Each egg group had a golden egg that had a gold dollar coin in it, just for some extra fun! The bishop has a little surprised when I told him what my planned budget was for the activity, but it was totally worth it in the end :)

We brought James' Easter basket with us, but when he saw other kids using grocery bags, he wanted to too.

I had fun planning everything for the egg hunt, but the downside of being in charge of something like that is that you don't get to enjoy it with your kids while they participate because you are so busy making sure everything goes smoothly. I didn't get a chance to get many pictures, but in the end everyone had a great time. Many people said it was the best egg hunt yet, and I have to agree, if I do say so myself :)

Saturday afternoon we enjoyed conference at home. Since I spent so much time on planning the ward activity, I didn't do much by way of conference activities. We tried doing Bingo this year with key words and making a poster with stickers for every key word so we could see what was mentioned often. James stuck with the bingo for about half of one session and after that it was all me keeping track :) 

After conference, we made our way to the city's Easter egg hunt. I wouldn't have gone except they advertised this year that they would have bouncy houses and activities for the kids, in addition to over 10,000 eggs. I was thinking it wouldn't be too crazy.... It was really well organized, I just wish they wouldn't allow parents to go with their kids. They are the worst ones!

Sunday morning James was anxious for Rett to wake up so they could open their Easter baskets together. He has been so excited for the Easter bunny to come. For the last few weeks if he finds a candy on the floor somewhere, he will say, "Maybe the Easter bunny left those there for h'us".

The bubble gun was by far the favorite toy.

Rett loved checking out all the goodies in his basket too. Can I just say how long his legs look in these pictures?? He is growing so fast!

After Anthony's parents arrived for dinner, we discovered that the Easter bunny had put eggs in our backyard. Rett would run up to one, grab it, and then run back to his basket. James just raced around laughing and putting everything he could find into his basket.

It was a beautiful and fun Easter weekend. Now I just need another holiday to recover!

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Happy said...

Um, holy awesome Primary activity!!! Wow, I don't know how the heck you do it!! That's what I mean when I say I think you are perfect for that calling and not everyone could do it!! Seriously, it sounds so awesome- I especially loved the puzzle with the treasure chest- too cool!
Sounds like a nice Easter weekend! Wish we could have been there with you guys!