Thursday, April 9, 2015

End of March

For mommy school we are working on "The Runaway Bunny" and one of our activities was to reenact the part where the momma bunny walks a tightrope with an umbrella for balance. James was all about this because this kid has an unnatural love for umbrellas. He will play and play and play with one until it is broken beyond all repair and then cry and beg for a new one.

One of our mommy school crafts was gluing cotton balls in the letter "B" shape and there was a rare 5 minutes when both boys were sitting at their table doing their own art project peacefully. It was amazing! Rett had full reign of the color wonder markers (those things are amazing, totally takes the stress out of letting your kids color!) while James did his gluing.

Anthony took one of the baby crabs that ended up in the shrimp net and gave it to James to play with while they were out cleaning the boat. A few days later, I found this Easter egg in James room and when I opened it I found a stinky dead crab! I wish I could say that I was surprised, but it is so normal for me to find dead bugs, lizards, frogs in random places that it didn't faze me in the slightest. I was just surprised that James let me throw it away. Usually he cries and demands to keep whatever dead thing we found.

Rett has decided that he loves to dump out this bucket and run around with it on his head. Then when he gets tired of that, he puts it on the floor and stands on it to see what the world looks like a few inches higher.

The Saturday before Easter a nearby church advertised a morning egg hunt for kids. I had never gone to one like this before, but I was so glad that we went! The boys had so much fun, everyone was very nice and kind to each other and it was an all around feel-good experience, which was such a surprise because I really dislike the city-run egg hunts. Those always end up with kids and parents pushing everyone down in their desperation to get more eggs and I just hate the atmosphere of it. This was totally different and so much fun!

The little ones went first to their roped off area and Rett loved running around and picking up eggs.

While I was with Rett, my mom went with James to the 4 and 5 year old area. James could have gotten a lot more eggs, but he was picking up mostly green eggs for the first part of it. Towards the end he picked up whatever he could find, but according to him his favorite color is green so he needs all the green eggs!

He ended up with two special eggs with stickers on them so he got to pick out two prizes from the prize table. On top of that, each kid got their own goodie bag with treats and small toys! When we got home, we had so much fun just going through everything and playing with it all. We will definitely go back next year!

Rett still isn't that interested in sitting still for stories at bedtime, but every once in awhile I try to see if he will sit through one. He lasts about 3 pages and then he is up and running around. I can't wait until he loves to sit and read with me the way James does now!

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Happy said...

Love the updates! So funny about the crab. I guess that's what boys of dads like Anthony collect. My boys are afraid of bugs, lizards, snakes, etc., just like their daddy so I've never found anything like that in our house, haha. Cute mommy school stuff! Fun Easter Egg hunt! Glad it wasn't crazy like the city ones! I just want to scoop Rett up and squeeze him!!!