Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Everett at 8 Months

Technically our bug is 8 1/2 months old, but I am a little behind on pictures and blogging because we all came down with a virus/cold and are finally getting over it! James got it first and couldn't stop coughing for over a week, then Rett and I got it we both had horrible raspy voices. Thank goodness we are all healthy again, hopefully it will stay that way for a long time! We have been sick more often in the past few months than have in the past few years!

This month Rett officially became mobile! He doesn't do it very often and he still is slow about it, but he army crawls and rolls his away around now. He definitely likes to crawl and grab phones or anything electronic. He also really likes scriptures and has torn and crinkled pages in my scriptures twice after I accidentally left them on the floor!

He is officially sleeping through the night now and he is great about taking two solid naps during the day. Life is so much nicer now that both boys consistently take an afternoon nap at the same time. Hello me-time!

His favorite thing to do is to play with James' toys and to watch James. He loves to be outside and go on walks, and he is 100% a momma's boy. When I am trying to get something done, I do everything I can to avoid getting into his line of sight, because if he sees me he will start fussing and fussing until I pick him up. Then he is happy as a clam! He does this regardless of who else is paying attention to him or playing with him at the time. What can I say? He just loves his mommy!

At a birthday party for a little girl from church, Rett reached out and held 4 month old Jade's hand. What a little charmer!
This was the farthest we have seen him crawl: from the living room into our bedroom where we were sitting. He was so excited to see us and then spent the next 20 minutes or so rolling around on the floor and discovering everything he could reach.

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