Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This week

After many months of trying to figure out what type of double stroller I wanted, I finally got a double jogging stroller. The one we had gifted to us was just too difficult to maneuver and after I tried out one just like this one at a friend's house and made sure it fit in our trunk, I was sold!

Ready for our first walk!
Today was my first day of the couch to 5k program now that I have a way to run with the boys. I am planning on doing a 5k in the middle of July, so I've got to get training!

On our run/walk James would ask me why I slowed down when I would take a little break. He is a strict trainer! :) After running we kept walking because James wanted to go over the train tracks. He got out and walked for awhile and found a nickel AND a penny. He was so excited!! We also spent some time watching a slug cross the sidewalk :)

We took Anthony to experience the bouncy house place. He and James had so much fun going down the big slide together.
James got ahold of my makeup brush and decided to climb onto the bathroom counter and hold it over the lit scented candle (I was in the shower a few steps away). I smelled the burning and opened the shower door to see what he was doing. He looked at me and said, "hi!". This kid.
For Father's Day I got Anthony a cloud camo fishing shirt he has been wanting. I had to order it online and luckily it got here on time! James helped me wrap it and we gave it to him after church. I handed it to James and he brought it to Anthony saying, "it miiiiiiight be a fishing shirt" :)

In the afternoon everyone came over to our house to celebrate Father's Day with Fondue. It was delicious! Here are the special guys:


Lindsey said...

Yay for double joggers! I love mine! I need to replace the inner tube in one of the rear wheels though, so my couch to 5k training is on hold:( But I'm hoping to run in the 4th of July race that my folks' ward puts on every year...maybe I'll see you there;) And my girls are strict trainers too, they say the same thing!lol

And can I just say, that camo fishing shirt is awesome, I've never seen or heard of one of those before...I'll be storing that one in the 'man-gift ideas' memory banks!

Happy said...

I'm cracking up over James asking why you're slowing down- what awesome motivation!! I never had a jogging stroller, lucky you, and exciting about your 5K! Good luck, can't wait to hear updates on training and how it goes. Are you going to run it with the kids?
I'm also laughing over James saying that Ant's gift might be a fishing shirt! Haha! Pretty cool shirt!