Thursday, May 29, 2014

Blueberry Picking

The closest U-pick blueberry patch to us finally opened up for the season! We have been dying to go blueberry picking, so we decided to go for family home evening last week. Anthony and I both got a five gallon bucket and James got a small pail. They told us that there were a lot of big ripe blueberries in the back field, so we took a little tractor ride to the other side of the farm. Bonus excitement for James!

Ready to get down to business! We explained to James about only picking the dark blue ones. Every once in awhile he would realize he picked a pink or white one and he would laugh and exclaim, "I didn't mean to do thaaaat!"
 Even though I was carrying 15 pounds of baby, I still managed to pick the most blueberries! I was a woman on a mission!
 James likes to take my sunglasses when it is bright out. He had two pairs of his own, but has lost both pairs at parks in the last month or so. Look at all of the blueberries he picked!

 We had so much fun that we decided to go again that Friday with Mimi and Papa! That morning I told James we were going blueberry picking with Anthony's parents in the evening. When I asked him if he wanted to go to the park or something in the morning, he said he wanted to go "nowhere" and wait for Mimi and Papa :)
 James was the champion blueberry picker this time! He filled his bucket so quickly that he had to dump it out a few times into our buckets. We didn't mind!
Now we need to find a way to use all of these delicious blueberries!

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Happy said...

So fun! We need to do some picking! Someone was just asking about you-pick farms around here and it sounds like the only ones close by are raspberry patches, which I don't think I could pay money for since we had raspberry bushes in our backyard at our last house for two years and could go pick them for free. Let me know what you do with the blueberries! And that was cute the way James said he wanted to wait for Mimi and Papa.