Saturday, June 7, 2014

Never before seen pics!

Anthony's dad brought us a thumb drive with a bunch of pictures on them from the past few years. We looked through them and found some gems we had never seen before. They are kind of random so I thought I would put them all together in one post so that they won't get lost :)

 Look at little James! He was so tiny! This is the preemie sized outfit we put James' pretend baby brother doll in when I was pregnant with Rett :)
Look at this little chunk! His cheeks and ears remind me of Rett. Look at that mischievous smile!

 James helping Papa clean:
A picture of Mimi and Papa and all the young cousins last year right after I got pregnant with Rett. James has grown so much in just one year!
James is the craziest and goofiest right before bedtime. We really need to video tape it one night!
 Cleaning fish with Daddy:
Rett and me in the delivery room right after they gave him a bath. I really couldn't stop staring at him!
 Look at us, both looking at James I bet!
 These kids are growing up so fast! I couldn't believe some of the younger pictures of James. Was my little man ever so tiny? Dang, I love these munchkins!

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