Friday, June 20, 2014

Everett at 9 Months

Our little man just keeps growing and growing! It is getting pretty hard to get good pictures of him because he is constantly moving and exploring. He loves to crawl around now to every room in the house, and he especially loves following Anthony and James. He knows that they are always up to something interesting!
 His hair is getting soooo long on the top! I love the curls and I don't want to cut them because I have friends who have cut their babies curly hair and it grew back straight...I would be heartbroken if those curls disappeared!

He is such a happy, curious, observant, and snuggly little baby! If he is tired at all, he will just lean on you and rest his head on your chest or your shoulder. At church he usually crashes in our arms during the third hour and sleeps on whoever is holding him. He has slept on at least four different people, he is not picky, he will cuddle with anyone!
We sure do love this little guy!

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