Monday, August 5, 2013

July Activities

This summer I have had a list of things I've wanted to do and try with James, both to get him out of the house and to make sure we do a lot of active things before the new baby comes and (I'm sure) we will need to have a lot more days at home. With the heat I've especially been looking for places that are indoor and air conditioned. I found this bouncy house place about 45 minutes from our house and we finally got to try it out! James had a blast!

Here he is shooting nerf balls across the room:
And playing basketball:
There were a lot of older kids there (9-11 range) who were really rough and energetic so I was a little worried about James. He didn't seem to mind the big kids and mostly stayed out of their way. As long as he had a ball to hold and a corner to bounce in, he was happy! He wasn't brave enough for any of the slides but he was really curious about them so maybe sometime soon he will be ready to try them out.

One night James decided to give himself a new hairdo with his yogurt from dinner. Surprisingly it didn't look too bad!

Last week we took another trip to the marine science center to see the sea turtles and the sting rays. They have other things to look at, great aquariums and a bird sanctuary, but we usually just spend most of our time with the turtles and the sting rays. James loved petting the sting rays but I didn't get any pictures  since I was monitoring his "petting" :) he did get to touch a snake though!
There was a guy in scuba gear cleaning one of the big tanks and James kept going up to him and calling him daddy! I think I said something about daddy's fish tanks and he took that to mean that ALL fish tanks are daddy's so therefore he must be the one cleaning it.

Here is one of the sea turtles they had in the rehab center. It is a loggerhead and one of the biggest ones I've seen there! They just had a turtle release a few weeks ago and I missed it, so it is still on my list to go see one be released back onto the beach. How cool would that be to see that! (Just for perspective that is a full size above ground pool that the turtle is swimming in)

James loves to help me open boxes, when he sees a package at our door he goes "Ooooooo" and asks for scissors so he can help open it. 
This package had some party supplies that I am reviewing, including a themed dog bowl, so James had to give it a test run :)

Next week we are going to the keys so I am getting kind of nervous about all the work that goes into a vacation. Plus I am nervous about being 33/34 weeks pregnant in a strange location far from home. Ahh the pregnancy hormones have really done a number on my anxiety!! The worrying never stops :) 

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Happy said...

Love the yogurt do! And James calling the scuba diver "Daddy" was too funny!! Have fun on your Keys trip! And it was fun to talk to you guys the other day!