Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pregnancy journal: 30 weeks

Oh my word am I big and uncomfortable! I know that it is only going to get worse, but there are times when I can't believe that I still have 10 weeks left. I feel like I am ready to pop!

I did my glucose screening and blood work right after the 4th of July and I found out this week that I passed! No yucky three hour test for me! Everything looked good except I had a really low vitamin d level, so the midwife put me on supplements. It is so surprising that we live in the sunshine state and I don't get enough vitamin d, but I am really good about wearing hats and sunscreen so maybe that has something to do with it. Anthony says he sees it all the time in his patients and that it is actually pretty common. Strange. Another funny thing about our midwife appointment: the midwife scolded me for reaching to pick James up! She told me that I absolutely can't be lifting him at all ever unless I want to end up in the hospital....ummm yeah. So there is no way that is possible. I pick him up to get in and out of his crib, his carseat, etc... I don't have any risk factors that she is concerned about, I guess it is what she tells all her patients but I just don't buy it! Mothers all over the world have young children while they are pregnant and I guarantee they are picking them up as needed. Of course, be careful and cautious about it but come on! I went home and researched it and couldn't find any real medical reason not to pick up children while pregnant (which I consider to be totally different from dead lifting a 25 lb box or something). Has anyone ever been told this? It has really thrown me for a loop!

We keep having discussions with James about having a baby brother and it seems like he is starting to get it. He knows that I have baby brother in my belly (although sometimes he forgets that it is just me and talks about the baby brother in his and Anthony's belly :) and whenever we mention baby brother he wants to pull my shirt up and pat my belly. He usually says something like "come out!" and we tell him that one day he will come out and we will have a baby in our house. Today when he was looking at my belly and talking about baby brother he said, "I (want to) see it!!" and he leaned over me and put his eye to my belly button like it was a peephole. So funny!!!

I have started having midwife appointments every two weeks and it feels like I have an appointment all the time! I realized that I was spoiled with James because they let me go four weeks between appointments right up to the day I had him. Usually we all go together and Anthony has to control James while we wait and wait and wait. Since we are going so frequently now I am considering just starting to go by myself. However, I love that James is a part of it and gets to hear the heartbeat when we do. It makes me feel like we are including him as much as we can. I guess we will have to see how it goes.

We are still stumped on a name! Does anyone have any boy names they aren't going to use?? We need suggestions!


Happy said...

Love your updates! You look so teeny still! I've never heard anything like that about not picking up kids when pregnant unless there are already signs of preterm labor or other concerns and like you said, all the rest of us did it! Huh, keep us updated on that! And is Taft still in the running for names? I used up my two favorite boy names, but I do love the names Spencer, Jacob, and Cole. And some that are a little different but I love are Rylan, Asher, and Finn. Oh, and I love Peyton and Ashton, but people keep stealing those to use for girl names- hate when they make it so that you can't use a boy's name for a boy anymore b/c people start to think it's a girl's name! Good luck, can't wait to hear what you pick!

teachergirl said...

we were going to use benjamin if we had a boy. it's pretty common but not that common, and we're lovers of traditional names. plus--king benjamin is my favorite. i also love noah, but there are about a million of those right now. i never wanted my kids to be the 4th in their class with the same name.

you'll blink and you'll be the mother of 2. yay!