Friday, August 16, 2013

Monopoly night

I sign up for a bunch of different things and programs through the coupon blogs I follow. I almost never get selected so I just apply as much as I can. I recently applied to host a monopoly party for the new monopoly game and I actually got selected! All I had to do was have people over to play monopoly and they would send me a monopoly game, connect four, and candy land to use and keep! I have been wanting to build up our board game stash, so it was perfect timing!

Since everyone would be getting there late, we played with James on our own first. Here he is getting a monopoly tattoo on his hand. The new game has a cat game piece so he got to choose between a dog or a cat tattoo. He choose a cat! He was a little upset that the tattoo didn't rub off once I put it on, but after a few minutes he was happy about it and showing it to us over and over.
I don't know why but he decided he needed to lick it :)
Then we pulled out connect four. He loved filling it up with "pennies" and pulling the slider to let them all fall out.
After James went to bed, my mom and Anthony's parents came over to play with us. It was so much fun! I couldn't remember the last time I played monopoly, it had to have been when I was a kid.
Once we refreshed ourselves on the rules we got down to business and played the game. I got to use the new cat game piece, which I think brought me good luck. Of course, everyone else said I was cheating but they were just being sore losers! :)

Anthony's mom ended up with both get out of jail free cards!
After quite a few rounds, I ended up with two different monopolies, one of which was boardwalk and park place! Once I started building houses it was all over :) Anthony's dad landed on boardwalk and owed me $1500, which bankrupted him. After that we all agreed to declare me the winner :) My mom said she has a hard time playing monopoly because she hates to be the bad guy that takes everyone's money. I had no problem with that!!!

See all my houses? :)
We had such a great time, we need to have game nights more often! And I'm not just saying that because I won...well, maybe a little :)

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