Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pregnancy Journal: 34 weeks

So here I am on vacation in Key West at 34 weeks! Surprisingly it wasn't as hot as I anticipated it being, but then we spent a lot more time inside this year. I definitely felt like I was waddling everywhere, lugging this belly around! The drive wasn't the most comfortable experience either, but I'm pretty sure I would have been just as uncomfortable at home so all things considered it wasn't too bad. 

The hardest thing I've had to deal with aside from being uncomfortable and not being able to sleep well, has been a lot of emotional meltdowns. It could be all hormones or a combination of hormones and being away from home but I am definitely not myself. I have been crying so much! I am not a crier at all and it seems like every little thing starts me bawling. For example, James dropped his sippy cup on my toe and it hurt really bad. Normally I would shake it off, but I almost started sobbing! 

The worst part is that while I am feeling that way, I know it is irrational but I can't snap out of it. So frustrating. I remember feeling the same way right after I had James, so I think it is mostly hormonal. One night after a really rough day during our vacation, I turned to Anthony in bed and told him I was sorry for being so cranky with him. He said, "oh, it's okay honey". Then I said, "I think it is just my hormones..." and he immediately replied, "oh yeah, I know!" :) Just thinking about that conversation makes me want to start crying! I don't even know why!

On a happier note, I don't have much longer to go. It is crazy to me that at this point with James I was 2 weeks away from delivery. I am trying to mentally prepare myself to go overdue this time so I'm not spending my last month anxiously waiting for each day to be the day. 

This Saturday is my baby shower and I am excited to spend some time celebrating this little guy. I feel like I am constantly thinking about how having him will affect James, or me, or our family in general but I never really sit back and think about him! It is going to be a combined shower with a good friend who's due date is only a few days after mine and is also having a little boy. I love that I get to shop for cute baby stuff for her, since I can't justify it for myself (we already have everything from James).  Now I need to find a cute outfit to wear that actually fits :)

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Happy said...

I totally understand the crying during a pregnancy, I was the same way when I was pregnant with Nolan, but not the first two. I worried it might mean I'd have post partum depression but I didn't at all, I guess I got it all out while I was pregnant.
You seriously look tiny and cute. And I didn't think about that, how frustrating to not know for SIX weeks if you might be having your baby that day or the next. At least you have the hope of seeing your baby sooner rather than later, most women don't get that! So excited for you guys!!