Sunday, August 25, 2013

Baby Shower and Boys Fishing Trip

Saturday was my baby shower! It was combined with a friend of mine from church whose due date is only 2 days after mine and it was perfect. She is having a little boy too, so it was fun to celebrate our new little guys. I had so much fun talking and visiting, that I didn't take any pictures! Luckily my mom got this one of the presents area. We were so grateful to get so many diapers, wipes, and other essentials for baby brother!
We played a few small games, but mostly we just talked and ate :) Since we didn't need any clothes, it was fun to watch the other mom open the cute outfits people had given her and Oooo and ahhh over the adorableness.

Anthony's parents and his niece and nephew came up from Merritt Island for the big day. While all the girls went to the shower, all the boys took the boat out to go fishing. The boys had a blast! They stayed out pretty late and made us a little nervous when they still hadn't come back by 8pm. Anthony said everyone was having such a good time, he had to force himself to be the bad guy and tell them it was time to go. They all wanted to keep fishing!

James/Anthony caught a few fish. Man I love this cute face!
This fish was actually pretty big! James and Dallas were excited to show it to me after they brought it home:
After they got home, James and the cousins were playing tag in the front yard while Anthony and his Dad cleaned and put the boat away. It was so late at night, but it was fun to see James play with Dallas and Nevada! I needed to get sharing time ready for the next day, so I brought the laptop into the office to print some pages...only to find that our printer had died! It wouldn't power on or anything, which was the exact same thing that happened to our computer a few months ago. Both were plugged into the same power strip so now we are thinking that the outlet is bad. Anyway, I needed to print some things, and Anthony had a talk in Sacrament and was teaching Elder's quorum the next day, so he definitely needed to print some stuff! We couldn't decide if we should just go to Walmart and buy a cheap printer, or if we should try to get our things printed somewhere else. Anthony's mom got a picture of me trying to research printers online. Decisions, decisions! 
The thing I loved about our printer was that I found great, cheap, ink for it. I looked back at our amazon purchases and found that the last time we bought ink was almost a year ago: 3 full sets of black and color for $8 shipped! The printer was an old one from Anthony's office that they were getting rid of, so not only is it more expensive than we would ever pay but they don't even make it anymore. Now I am torn between all the printer options out there: wireless, color or not color, inkjet or laser, etc.. So far I am trying to find similar deals on the cheap ink and just look for printers to match them. I just can't go back to paying $30+ dollars each time I need more ink! Anyone else had to go through this recently? Any suggestions?


Happy said...

Wish I could have been there! Sounds like a lot of fun, both the shower and the fishing trip. Man, I think we made a big mistake moving away from all of you guys!! Can't wait to meet this baby boy!!

Goldies said...

Loved the fishing pictures.

Looks like they had a lot of fun.

Aunt Eileen