Friday, August 16, 2013

Sanford Zoo

Last week James and I met some friends at a nearby zoo for an impromptu play date! We have been to this zoo once before, but haven't thought of going back since it is pretty small and we have annual passes to a much bigger one about the same distance away. Going with friends made all the difference, it was so much fun! I don't think any of the kids cared that we were at a zoo. We spent almost all of our time going to the different kid play areas. Every once in awhile we would see an animal or two :)

Our first stop was at the splash pad. James just ran around the perimeter at first but when he saw the other kids walking in the water he decided to give it a try. 
He decided that he was done with the splash pad before any of the other kids, so once I got him changed back into regular clothes he wasn't happy about having to wait. He kept crying, "go see animals!" over and over. He was making such a fuss, I had to get a picture of it. He hated that I was taking a picture :) He kept saying "mommy no!" and reaching his hand out to push the phone away.
I was trying to distract him with his new favorite toy: a leap pad alphabet writing/learning thingy that he calls his "iPad". It was a no go.
Once everyone was ready we made our way to the petting zoo that had llamas, baby goats, and even a camel! You want to guess where James was the entire time we were there? He was right here:
He discovered a coin operated jeep that moves back and forth and has a steering wheel! I don't think he even noticed that there were animals around to pet and feed. He just sat there happily and played, while also shamelessly asking anyone who walked by for more "pennies" for the machine. 
After the petting zoo we walked through a few animal exhibits until we came across a playground! James loves playgrounds so much more when there are other kids to watch and follow around. He even went down the slide, which usually takes him a few times at a new playground before he is comfortable enough to try it.
After the playground we saw some otters (which James glanced at and then proceeded to try to play with a stranger's stroller) and we visited the air conditioned building that houses all the snakes. While I cooled off and rested a bit, James ignored most of the snakes and ran around the room barking like a dog. At this point we had been at the zoo for about three hours and I couldn't believe how much energy he still had! 

The reptile area was close to the front of the zoo, so we spent some more time at a row of coin operated vehicles like the one at the petting area. There were 4 or 5 different ones and all the kids were going back and forth between them, with different moms taking turns putting quarters in. When the other moms decided to head back to the splash pad, we decided to call it a day and make our way home (it is a good 45 minute drive back to our house). I was able to lure James away from the play cars with promises of a train and a carousel ride :) of course, the train was his favorite.
For a few days after this, every time we got in the car James would declare, "going to the zoo!". I think he is ready to go back soon! :)

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Happy said...

So funny how many times you mentioned animals being nearby but James wanting to ride on the coin operated cars, run around like a dog, etc.! haha! We haven't been to a zoo in probably a year and a half, we should do that again!