Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pregnancy Journal: 14 Weeks

So here I am at 14 weeks. I took a different picture the day before this one and put it on facebook, but the pants I was wearing or something made me look bigger than I was (according to a few people :) so I took another one for the blog. I am wearing almost the exact same shirt as in this picture of me with James at 13 weeks, so not too different :)

I really enjoyed being able to go back and look at my blogs of the different weeks of pregnancy of James, and I am sort of sad that at 14 weeks, this is my first one with this baby. I think since I have been to this rodeo before, some of the excitement isn't there which makes the irritating things more irritating. So basically I feel like I have a list of complaints, which never makes for the most entertaining of reading.

However, there sure are a lot of things this time around that are really different from before! It really is true what they say that each pregnancy is different. I've had A LOT of round ligament pain, which I don't remember having with James although Anthony says I did. (How does he remember and I don't? oh well). At one point it was so bad, I started thinking in my head "Is this what contractions feel like this early on in the pregnancy? Am I having contractions and not realizing it?". I've also had a lot of lower back pain, which I know I had with James at one point but it was much later in the pregnancy. I asked a chiropractor friend about it and he said it looks like it is being caused by the way I hold my hips when I carry James around. It is putting pressure on the nerves in my lower back. He also said that the muscles in my core and in my upper legs are probably weak, which is putting more pressure on my back than there should be. So I am starting a program of toning and tightening exercises that he suggested this week to hopefully ease the pain.

A lot of the exhaustion and nausea has started to go away and every day I am feeling more and more like myself, which is good because James has started to have these horrible tantrums! He has learned the word "mine!" finally and with all of his tantrums, he is definitely a 2 year old now :)

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Happy said...

I am really digging all of these new updates! Keep 'em coming!! SO glad the sickness is going away, so sorry about the pain you're in though! Man, what we do for these babies!!! Hopefully the exercising will help. Have you thought about seeing a chiropractor? I went to one when I had horrible back pain with Teya and it completely fixed the problem, after weeks of physical and massage therapy that didn't do a thing.
You are so teeny-tiny, you should send this picture to my aunt! hahahaha!!
And thanks for the tip on the online glasses. I totally forgot about those places! I have looked into ordering there for myself a few times but never did b/c I am SUPER picky about my glasses and always find that I think a pair will look really cute but when I try them on in the store, they don't look good on me at all, so I was always worried about ordering them online. But I'm totally going to try it for Teya. Her lenses will be a lot cheaper than mine too, so it will be worth a shot. So thanks again!