Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Anthony's New Boat

After 7 months of intense daily online shopping and price checking, Anthony finally bought his new boat! Ever since he sold the aquarium his goal was to get his dream fishing boat, one that was bigger, more stable, and more comfortable for cruising and for fishing. He had finally decided on a brand of boat that he liked and was in his price range as long as he could find one used. In the entire 7 months that he has been looking, only one or two have been put up for sale in our area and those were still out of our price range. Awhile ago Anthony put up a post on a boat forum with the kind of boat he was looking for and what he could pay and two weeks ago a guy contacted him gave him a great deal on this one:
 The guy bought it brand new a few years ago and has only been able to take it out a few times since then. He decided that he just wasn't going to get any use out of it and decided to sell it. Anthony was so excited!!! He never thought he would be able to afford a basically new boat and motor, and since the guy was getting out of boating completely, he threw in a lot of extras which were awesome bonuses. Seriously, I don't know if I have ever seen Anthony this excited about anything. The day after we picked up the boat and brought it home, Anthony couldn't sleep and was up at 6am ready to play with the boat :)

We met the seller at the parking lot of Bass Pro Shops in Orlando, so we had to see the big aquarium that is in the middle of the store. It was a short viewing though, since it was WAY past James' bedtime and we still had the drive home to get through.

 Tuesday after we picked up the boat, we were able to take our maiden voyage. James was ready to use his fishing pole!

We cruised around for awhile and Anthony tried to see how fast the boat could go. I made him stop at around 20 mph, it was just too fast for me!! James had no problem with it, so I guess I'm the wimp of the family. After that, we found a place to fish and tried to see what we could catch. Anthony caught a tiny sheepshead and a tiny snapper and I caught a few tiny snappers. Mostly they just stole our bait :) It was still a lot of fun!

On the way back to the boat ramp, Anthony had me take over and drive the boat for awhile. It was a lot harder than it looks!
Anthony hasn't been able to take the boat out since then, but he has lots of plans for this week. He also spent all weekend planning the ways he is going to fix up and add to his boat to make it even more awesome. Boys and their toys!

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Happy said...

Man, I can't believe we missed out on it by a day!! And I'm sorry Jared couldn't drive with Anthony to get it!! If we ever make the trip to FL again, we'll look forward to another boat trip on THIS boat!