Friday, April 5, 2013

Waaay too much poop for this early in the morning

*Warning, there are some gross pictures in the upcoming post. If you are easily grossed out, do not read any further!*

Today was the day for poop. It started out innocently enough. Around 9am I took James to volunteer at the farm, which we haven't done in a few months. I was really excited to get out there and harvest some veggies and let James run around. It was overcast when we got out to the car, but I didn't think anything of it. Once we started driving, it started to drizzle but then it stopped. I thought, "Oh well, things will just be a little bit damp". We got to the farm and I set out to harvest some romaine lettuce and the heavens opened! James and I were drenched after a few minutes. I didn't mind so much, but James was not a big fan. I took him over to some trees and stood under an umbrella for awhile hoping that it would stop soon. After about another 15 minutes, James walked over to the car crying and pulling on the door handle saying, "Go, go, go!". Poor guy, he was wet and cold and wanted to go home!

So we gave up and went home. We were both wet and muddy, so I ran a warm bubble bath and we both got in. We had a blast! James has never really played in real bubbles before, and he had so much fun blowing the bubbles and smashing them with his truck. I decided I was done, got out, got dressed, and grabbed some clothes for James for when he was ready to get out. As I was walking through my bedroom I saw these lovely presents Belle had left for us on our bedspread and on the carpet:
I made a mental note to wash the bedspread and clean the carpet as soon as James got out of the bath and went to go see if he was ready to get out. As I walked up to the bathtub, James was sitting in the middle of it saying, "Poo, poo!". Oh yeah. He pooped in the bathtub. Thank Heavenly Father and all my lucky stars that he decided to do it after I got out. I don't think I could have recovered if he did it while I was in there. Here is what I was faced with, before and after the water was drained out:
So I instantly went into disinfecting mode, used the last of the bleach (which is still sitting in the tub by the way. I don't think 12 hours is going to be enough for my peace of mind), got James cleaned up, put our bedspread in the washer, and scrubbed the carpet. Of course, all of this happened before 10:30am. I mean, where does your day go from there??

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Happy said...

Oh the pooooop!!! Just wait and see how many times your baby will poop in the tub while you are bathing him/her and James. So gross, you have to rewash them both AND the tub. Man it's fun being a parent!!!