Monday, April 22, 2013

Easter Treats

After we got home from church, the Easter Bunny came! :) His basket was stuffed full of toys and special treats. He got some new snack containers, filled with some munchies, a coloring book with stickers, some new sippy cups, bouncy balls, a plastic snake, and few other little toys:
Playing with flubber...or flart...or some kind of silly putty stuff:
The favorite gift from the Easter Bunny by far was this toy keyboard! It came with a stand, a kid sized stool, and a microphone. James loved it!!! He would sit there and play and sing his own little songs. He loved singing and talking into the microphone, he couldn't get enough!

It is still one of his favorite toys, although I need to put new batteries in it already. He loves to have it on all the time and when it automatically turns off, it makes this little noise. Of course, that reminds James that it turned off, so he stops whatever he is doing and goes to turn it back on! I didn't plan on getting him anything big for Easter, but I had a coupon for Bealls Outlet that was going to expire so my mom and I went to see what we could find. We found the keyboard in the toy section for 70% off! Not only that, it was Friday where everyone 49 and under gets an additional 15% off their purchase. Put that all together with my coupon, and I ended up only paying around $4 for it! Of course, for $4 we had to think of an excuse to buy it so it was lucky for us Easter was around the corner :)

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Happy said...

Great deal on the keyboard!! So exciting to get such a steal like that! My kids would love something like that, I'll have to keep my eye out at garage sales this summer. Funny about him turning it back on when he hears it go off.