Monday, April 29, 2013

Yay for #1!

We have splashdown! James went #1 in the potty for the very first time!! It was so strange how it all started. At some point in the morning he kept talking about going to the potty in the "big potty" and when I was changing his diaper he started to cry and say "diaper off!". So I decided to let him run around naked for awhile and give him some opportunities to go on the potty since he was asking for it. We did that for about 3 hours and it was exhausting! Every 10 minutes or so I would ask him if he needed to go to the potty and then we would go. The only problem was that he wanted to sit on the big potty (even though we didn't have a seat insert yet), not on his child size one, so once I sat him on it he would get scared and want to get down! It got to the point where he would cry and scream when I would suggest going to the potty, but then he would throw just as much as a fit when I would suggest putting on a diaper. Finally I had enough, so I went ahead and put him in a diaper for the rest of the afternoon, even though he didn't like it.

After James woke up from his nap, Anthony wanted to go to Walmart. While we were there I went ahead and bought a cars themed seat inset for the toilet to see if that would help things. Once we got home, James was dying to use his "cars potty"! I couldn't get it out of the plastic fast enough. As soon as we put it on the toilet and got him on there he started peeing instantly! He thought it was so funny :) We clapped and cheered and did a potty dance for him. About an hour or so later he did it again right before bath time. I was sure it would take him forever to warm up to it, but I guess not!

I still plan on taking a relaxed approach to potty training. We made a potty chart where James gets to put a sticker on the chart when he goes in the potty and since that happened about a week ago, he averages going in the potty about twice a day (with many more attempts, but usually nothing happens). When he asks to go potty I always let him make an attempt and I am trying to give him more suggestions when it is convenient (like when I am changing his clothes already or something like that). Other than that, we aren't really pushing anything, just letting him take the lead. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next few months!

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Happy said...

How exciting! My kids both potty trained on the "big potty" with the seat inset, we never did use a small potty. It kind of just happened that way for us- I found a new inset at a garage sale when Teya was a toddler, so I bought it for the future, and at one point she started asking to sit on the potty, and since that's all I had, that's what we went with. Same thing happened with Dallin, and I ended up being glad we never had to deal with the small potty b/c that way I didn't have to clean it- yuck! I did buy a small potty after Teya started officially wearing panties full time though just to keep in the car with us- it came in handy at the park a couple of times! Anyways, it sounds like James is doing great!!!