Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Astorgas come to visit

A few weeks ago Anthony's sister and her family made the trip from Utah to visit Florida friends and family and we got to have them stay with us on and off while they were here! We were so excited to have them come and stay with us because we always have so much fun when we get together. Anthony's sister, Happy, was pregnant with their third little guy, Nolan, when they moved away so this was the first time we got to meet him. He is so stinking cute!!!

I really wasn't feeling well for a lot of their visit (stupid pregnancy hormones!) so we spent a lot of time at home just hanging around in our pjs. Teya brought her violin with her so that she could practice and she is so good!! I loved hearing her play and having her show me the different parts of her violin. I couldn't believe how many songs she knew by heart! Being able to play things by ear and memorize music has always been so hard for me that I have always been amazed when I meet people who can do it.
We even got to play a duet at one point! Although I guess technically you could call it a trio, thanks to Brownie :)

James liked having people around to watch and play with, but he did get a little overwhelmed at times :) He definitely loves his routine! He needed to be holding a toy, his pacifer, and a sippy cup pretty much nonstop.
 Teya and Dallin throwing airplanes in the backyard:

 A day or so after they got here, Nolan seemed to be coming down with something, so they made an appointment for him to see Anthony and get checked out. So everyone got to see Anthony in action! It turned out that Nolan had a double ear infection, poor guy!

Dallin giving Anthony a hug:

 Looking in Nolan's ears. Anthony's face in these are funny, but I love Jared's. His is like, "What?...."

 I just love this picture, Nolan looks so curious and Teya is being so sweet, patting her brother on the back. She really is a little mama!
We had so much fun having them visit with us. Anthony and Jared seriously couldn't be better friends, and Happy and I stayed up for hours almost every night talking about everything under the sun. One night we even were able to sneak some dairy queen into the house without the kids realizing it :)

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