Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Family Dinner

The Sunday after Happy and her family arrived, Anthony's sister, Beth, who lives in Georgia drove down to their parent's house in Merritt Island. It was the perfect day for a family dinner! All of Anthony's siblings were there, except for his sister Joje. Beth had never met James in person so it was great to get to see her.

Here is everyone getting ready to eat. I'm not sure where James is, as soon as he gets to a new place, he is off exploring and nothing can deter him. He won't even take time to eat! Of course, as soon as we get in the car to go home, he is starving and starts demanding his food :)
 Anthony's older sister and his Aunt Eileen didn't know we were expecting, so right before dinner we told everyone. Yay for us!
Happy got these pictures of James while he was running around, laughing at her trying to get him to stay still for a picture. I am amazed that she got these pictures, most of the time I can only get the back of him as he runs away!

 After dinner we realized that he hadn't heard from any of the kids in awhile and we opened the bedroom door to find this cousin pow wow. Doesn't it just melt your heart??? Anthony's parents seriously are the best grandparents ever (except for my mom who is equally as awesome), they love getting on the floor and playing with their grandkids:
Anthony's parents also bought kites for all the kids and took them all out to fly them. James loved watching everyone fly their kites, but he didn't quite get the concept of kite flying when he was holding it. I don't know what it is, but James' total obliviousness to the kite just cracks me up in this video!

Spending time with everyone was so great, I wish we could do it more often! Somehow we have to convince  all of Anthony's siblings and mine to move to New Smyrna Beach :)

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Happy said...

I love all of your new posts! It's funny how even though I was there, and have most of these pictures, I still read through your post as if it's all brand new info for me. Keep the posts coming! We miss you guys!!