Sunday, March 3, 2013

My birthday weekend

Last weekend was my birthday!! I am so old now :) My mom came to visit and and we had a blast. James was in heaven, he loved having his Grandma here! (Although he keeps calling her "Papa", which is what he calls Anthony's dad...we can't figure out why). We were in the middle of watching Toy Story when she arrived so James cuddled up with her to finish watching it:
When James wants to watch TV, he will get the xbox remote and bring it to me and ask to watch a "show", I guess because that is what I call them. It is so cute! We had some grand plans for Friday afternoon that involved movie watching and getting Thai takeout for my birthday dinner. Unfortunately things didn't exactly go as planned... In the afternoon I had an appointment to get my blood drawn for some lab work and I thought I would be in and out, really easy. My body had other plans! I was totally fine while they were taking the blood, I made sure to look away and was talking to the lab tech and trying to distract myself. After they were done I made the mistake of looking at the basket of blood they had just taken out of me (it was a basket full of at least 8 tubes of blood) and after that it was downhill from there.

I started to get cold sweats and to feel kind of dizzy, so I put my head down and they put a cold compress on the back of my neck. After a few minutes I thought I was okay enough to walk out to the waiting room to sit down for a few more minutes. I knew they were really busy and I didn't want to take up the room I was using. As soon as I stood up and took a few steps, that was it. Lights out, on the floor, I fainted dead away. I remember hearing someone say "She's going down!" but I had zero control over my body. It was so weird! After a few minutes  I could see again and they helped me to a cot where I could lay down. Luckily Anthony was on his way home from work and swung by the lab to pick me up so I didn't have to drive home. It was all so embarrassing !! Especially since I had been joking with the lab technician just minutes before about all those wimpy people who can't handle getting their blood drawn! To add insult to injury, my birthday dinner had to be put on hold because I ended up getting a migraine in the evening and had to go to bed for the night. No fun!

Luckily the next day was much better :) We went shopping at Target and got my Thai dinner and it was delicious!! Sunday afternoon, Anthony's parents joined us for dinner and I got a birthday cookie cake and ice cream: 
Anthony's dad caught this picture of us reading stories to James before bedtime:
All in all it was a great birthday, lots of fun and family and definitely one I will remember :)

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Happy said...

Oh man, I didn't realize that all happened on your birthday!! Isn't your birthday February 25th, or do I have that wrong? Anyways, that is seriously nuts. And so funny about you joking about people who can't handle getting their blood drawn right before that. Haha!
Also funny that James calls your mom Papa! Haha!
And you guys LIKE THAI?!!? That's our new favorite food, we get Thai take out at least once every time Jared is home. And every time we go up to Ogden to visit his brother we go out to eat at a Thai restaurant. Yum! Maybe we'll have to do a Thai take-out night while we're there!