Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Family of Four!

We are going to be a family of four!!! That's right, another little baby will be joining our family!!!! I'm due September 29th, which is only a few days away from Anthony's birthday :)

We had our 12 week ultrasound yesterday and got our first glimpse at our new little guy:

We are so excited, but kind of nervous about doing the newborn thing again :) I also haven't been feeling well, so Anthony and I have both had a rough few months. Luckily, I am starting to feel better which makes it easier to feel excited. It is definitely true what they say about showing faster with second babies, my belly popped out almost right away! I have been crazy hungry lately, it is like I never feel full. More than a few times I have woken up in the middle of the night and couldn't go back to sleep because I was starving so I had to get up to eat before I could go back to bed. I seriously wondered if I was having twins because I was so hungry all the time, but the ultrasound definitely confirmed: just one cute little baby :)

The day I found out I was pregnant was definitely not how I expected it would go. Anthony wasn't there when I took the test with James, so he really wanted to be there when I took a test this time. I had a feeling that I was pregnant weeks before you can actually test for it. I didn't have any symptoms, I just had a gut feeling. I actually thought to myself a few times about "the baby" and "being pregnant" and had to remind myself to add in "if" mentally. So I had a plan that on the day when I was supposed to get my period, if I didn't Anthony would be there while I took a test before he went to work. I was pretty sure it would be positive, we would hug and it would be all puppies and rainbows. Yeah. That didn't happen.

So about four days before the "official" test day, I got a really bad migraine and woke up the next morning feeling really tired and sick. I remembered that I had the exact same thing right before I found out I was pregnant with James...and I couldn't stop thinking about it. I thought it was way too early to test, so I decided to get a pregnancy test and take it real quick just so that I could get a negative result and stop thinking about it. I really don't know what got into me, but I seriously was sure that it would be negative at this point. I got home from the store and took the test, which was pretty difficult to do with James running around trying to help me flush the toilet, check out what I was doing, etc.. I glanced at the screen and it was negative, so I put it down for a second while I cleaned everything up. I turned around to grab it and throw it in the trash and as I was throwing it away I realized there were two lines... it was positive!!!

Of course, I was freaking out so I called Anthony right away. He didn't answer, so I tried back two more times in a row. Finally he answered (he was in with a patient and had to step out) and when I told him, his first response was, "You were supposed to wait for me!!". I felt really guilty and Anthony was disappointed when we both should have been so excited!! Plus, when he went back into his patient, he felt like he needed to explain himself so he told his patient about me being pregnant. Of course, then the rest of his office found out that day and I felt kind of weird that a whole bunch of acquaintances and strangers knew that I was pregnant before our families and before I really had time to process it myself. Yeah. Not ideal. IF we do this again (and the past few months have been so miserable right now that is a BIG if :) I will definitely stick to the plan! 


Lindsey said...

Yayayayay! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you guys! That's so exciting! I'm so sorry you've been so miserable, I know how that all goes. I wish we lived closer so I could help you out with James and give you a break! Hang in there!

Happy said...

Dang, I am so excited for you guys (and for us getting a new niece of nephew)!! I don't know how with all of our hours of late night talking, I hadn't heard the story about when you took the test!! Great story! I really am so sorry for you about the sickness, the first trimester STINKS!!! Before you know it, you'll be feeling like your old self and feeling that precious baby moving! I'll be praying for you that this happens VERY soon!!