Thursday, August 23, 2012

Why playing games with Anthony is fun

My family and I love to play Anthony in a board game or video game because we love to win!! :) Seriously, Anthony just isn't that good at those sorts of games. Monopoly, Life, Scene It, you name it, he has lost spectacularly at it. Not that he really minds not being good at it. I think he is of the opinion that us being good at board and card games just makes us more nerdy. Which it kind of does :)

Thinking about this today, it reminded me of a game of 20 questions that Anthony and I tried to play in the car on the way to North Carolina. I went first and thought of something spectacularly off the wall, and after 20 loooong questions I don't think Anthony got it. Or maybe I took pity on him and gave him a push in the right direction...I don't really remember. What I do remember was how it went when it was Anthony's turn:

Anthony: "Just you wait, you are never going to get this!!!!!" *insert big grin*
Me: "Okay...Is it an animal?"
Anthony: "...yeeeah"
Me: "Is it a reptile?"
Anthony: "I don't want to play this game anymore."
Me: "Is it a snake?"
Anthony: *exasperated* "You aren't supposed to know that quick!!"
Me: "Is it a boa constrictor?"
Anthony: "Aww man!!! Yeah....but you don't know what kind of boa constrictor. Ha!!"
Me: "Is it a red-tailed boa?"
Anthony: "I HATE THIS GAME!"

I laughed so hard!!! He really thought I would have no idea what he was thinking about. My poor, sweet husband. He may not be good at games, but we love him anyway!! :)


Happy said...

hahahahahaha!!! SO FUNNY!!!

{leah} said...

I always loose too... Maybe if I played against Anthony I would win :)