Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lowe's Build and Grow: Shrek Onion Carriage

Today we took James to his very first Build and Grow event at Lowes! They offer free workshops where kids can build different things and today's project was a Shrek onion carriage. I always thought that the workshops looked fun, but I assumed James was too young to go. I was shopping in Lowes a few weeks ago and multiple employees saw James and asked if I was going to take him. They said that if they can hold a hammer, they are old enough. James can definitely hold a hammer, it is what happens after that that is the problem :)  I decided to give it a try, why not?

The timing couldn't have been more perfect. Anthony  had to work late Tuesday night and as a result had Saturday off (he usually has to work 8am-5pm on Saturdays), so he got to go with us! When we first got there, they gave us our supplies, including an apron and goggles for James and a little hammer. The googles were so cute on James, but he wouldn't keep them on for a picture!! We even tried telling them they were his "eyes" (his word for glasses)
 Looking at the hammer. He didn't get to play with it very much, he almost hit me or Anthony one too many times :)

 Here we are with the final product. It turned out pretty well! Anthony did most of it, although James loved helping hand us parts and liked inserting the wheels into the right holes. I think we did that at least 4 times per wheel.

 Trying for a goggles picture one last time!
 Look at those cute guys!!! Love them!

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