Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Key West 2012: All about James!

Oh my word. This kid blew our minds on this vacation. Although he was crankier than usual, he has been an angel since we have been home so I am thinking that it must have been a combination of all the changes and the fact that the kid barely ate anything while we were there. He was probably hungry a lot of the time, but he refused to take the time to eat when there were things to explore and check out!

My mom was trying to entertain him with the camera on her ipad and got this picture of him. My favorite part is the drool :)
The second night we were there, James did animal noises for the first time! My mom has an app on her ipad with a bunch of different animal noises and he would do "mooooo" for the cow and "ssssss" for the snake. It was so cute!!

On the day we spent at the beach house in Marathon, while Anthony was out catching lobster James had a little play date with 3 year old Valentina. She was so sweet with him! She loved showing him her dolls and sharing her princess backpack with him. James couldn't get enough of rolling the backpack around. He would go from one end of the room to the other, back and forth, nonstop for at least 45 minutes.

When he would get to this end of the room, Valentina would try to get James to stop and play with her.  At one point she decided that they were going to play "waiting for the bus" and wanted us all to sit down with her. James started to walk away with the backpack, so she yelled out in a very firm voice, "James! Come back here and sit down!!". James turned right around, walked over, and sat down next to her. It was priceless!!

It was wonderful having a separate room just for James to sleep in. He slept in late almost every morning after the first night. One morning he slept until 10:30 and when we went in to get him because we needed to go somewhere, this is what Anthony found. I think we wore him out!!

After the first couple of days, we were noticing so many new words from James that I decided to keep a list of all the words he came out with, just from the week we were on vacation: cracker, oh cool!, yogurt, key, fishie (sea), teeth, eye (his word for glasses or sunglasses), keh ku (thank you), no (and the correct way to use it), cookie, poop (can you believe this one??oy)

Getting ready to go adventuring:
Laughing at something:
My mom took these pictures of an overheated boy after doing some walking outside:

On Saturday night we were all sitting on the couch and watching some TV while James played around us. Anthony was snacking on some candy and James noticed right away! He went right up to Anthony and started pulling on his legs, pointing at the bag of candy and whining. Anthony tried to distract him with books and by trying to rough house with him, but James was not having it. He could not be deterred!! Finally James got fed up, looked Anthony right in the eye and said, "Bop!!" (he says bop right before he hits something or someone). My mom and I were laughing so hard!! James really meant business!! At least he warned us first before hitting right? He didn't follow through on his threat, thankfully :)

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