Saturday, August 4, 2012

Visiting with Mimi, Grandpa, & the Fields

Sunday afternoon we got a visit from Anthony's parents and his cute niece, Nevada. We had a blast! James loved chasing his cousin around with a ball and Nevada was so sweet with him. Of course, Mimi and Grandpa had fun loving on the little boy. They came right before we woke up from his nap, so when he came out of his room, there they were waiting for him in the living room! He didn't know what to think about it and just stood still by the door to his room until he decided it was okay :)

James had me read him one of his favorite books,"The Seals on the Bus" (it is the wheels on the bus except for zoo animals and the sounds they make instead of bus noises). After a few times, we decided it was Grandpa's turn. Of course, Grandpa decided to be a little...creative with the words. It was definitely a story I have never heard before :)
He decided he had enough reading and wanted to get down and play with more toys :)
It was a really fun evening, of course it always is when the grandparents come to visit. James loves having all the attention and we love showing him off!

Then on Tuesday afternoon we met up with some friends we met in Gainesville, the Fields, while they were visiting family in Cocoa. It was fun! We played at the park for awhile and caught up until the weather turned a little stormy and we decided to go for an early dinner. We all went to a nearby Chinese buffet and although at first it seemed a little sketchy it turned out to be pretty good! It was great to visit and catch up and their two little girls are the sweetest! After dinner we were talking in the parking lot while James and their 2 year old, Ada, chased each other up and down the sidewalk. I don't think I have ever seen James actually playing a game like that with another kid. So cute! Unfortunately, we had a few tumbles while running :( James got a pretty good scrape on his forehead and Ada skinned her knee. It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt, right?
On the way home, James fell asleep in his carseat, which he hasn't done on a short trip in a loooooooong time. We were shocked!! I had to get a picture of his pitiful face. It is kind of blurry, but you can see his battle wounds on the top of his head better in the second picture. Poor baby! 
We actually ended up taking him in to Anthony's work Friday to get him checked out because he was still fussy, acting more tired than usual, and started having a runny nose. Anthony saw a little bit of redness in his ears and his tympanigram (the ear thingy that uses sound to check if there is fluid behind the ear drum) was slightly abnormal so we got him some antibiotics just to be on the safe side. Normally we would have waited a few days to see if things would clear up on its own, but we are going to Keys next week and we don't want a sick baby on our hands!

I have to say, it is pretty nice to have Anthony when James gets sick like this or we wonder if something is up. We just go in after Anthony is officially off work since then we know he won't have anyone on his schedule. Then Anthony looks him over, does all the stuff he needs to, and if he needs a prescription he sends it in electronically (so high tech!) and we pick it up on the way home. No waiting at any point! (Unless James is getting shots. Then we have to wait for someone else to be available because Anthony refuses to be the one to do it. I don't blame him!) If it is just antibiotics he needs, we try to get the free ones that Publix offers and then we don't even have to pay the copay for them. Since we don't pay copays at Anthony's office, then it is absolutely nothing out of pocket. Pretty nice, right?

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