Monday, August 6, 2012

Turtles and Art

While I was cleaning in our office today, I glanced out of the window and saw this guy!

I've never seen him before and I wonder if he was brave enough to come out since our newly spayed dogs have been confined to the house until their incisions heal. When they can freely roam the backyard, they are merciless hunters of all creatures they can get their hands on: lizards, grasshoppers, snakes, and (I'm assuming) turtles. Case in point: while we were playing on the back porch today, Brownie managed to catch a lizard and had it hanging out of her mouth while she had an E-collar on! (Otherwise known as a cone of shame :)

Later in the evening I had a little family home evening lesson with James (still trying to figure out how to do FHE with a very wiggly 18 month old...any thoughts?) and afterwards we colored a picture! I was very impressed, James managed to get all 8 crayons from the box into both hands and then went crazy on the paper with his two mega-crayons. For a treat, I tried to give him a fruit Popsicle, but he tasted it and made a face like I just gave him pickle juice! I guess he doesn't like cold stuff, just like Anthony :)

Here are some of his latest masterpieces:

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Happy said...

Love the coloring!! Dallin would never color in nursery, I always got his papers back with no marks on them! So opposite of Teya, she has always loved it. He now will draw pictures, but still isn't interested in coloring. Funny how different they are! But it will be fun for you to see how James' coloring evolves!