Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter 2011

We had so much fun visiting with family and friends this year for James' first easter! We went to church with Anthony's parents since they only live about an hour away from us now and it is always a blast to go to their ward since it is the ward Anthony grew up in. So many people commented on how, to them, Anthony is still 15 years old, not graduated from college, married, and with a baby! It was also fun to get to show the baby off, I definitely cannot get enough of other people telling me how cute he is. Isn't he so cute?? :)

After church we gathered at Anthony's parents' house for an early dinner and a long visit. James did so well, he was curious and happy a lot of the time and even took a long nap during dinner so Anthony and I were able to just eat and visit. There was even one point during dinner when I just looked around and thought how nice it was to be able to eat leisurely :)

Here is James with his cousin, Teya. She was so good with him and such a good helper!

James also got to meet his great grandmother for the first time:
Since my mom wasn't able to be there in person, luckily she was there in spirit since his "My First Easter" outfit was provided courtesy of Grandma Lynn:

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Happy said...

Oh my goodness, he really is SO cute!!! It was fun to see you guys and to get to hold that precious boy again!! But I still haven't been able to get as many snuggles with and pictures of his as I want, so we'll just have to get together again soon!