Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Farmer's Market

One thing I love about our new city that we live in is that there are so many farmer's markets close to us. Today was our second time going to a weekly one held at the county fairgrounds and it is so much fun! I've never really been to any other farmer's market, but this one is more of  a farmer's market/flea market. Not only did we get some awesome deals on produce, but there are so many fun and interesting things to see. As I walked through, I kept thinking to myself, "I  have to remember to tell Anthony that I saw...fill in the blank". I think you could literally buy anything you could ever think of at that place.

Here is a list of some of the random things I saw for sale (that I can remember anyway): tile cutters, weed eaters, lawn mowers, t-shirts, giant tubs of cheese balls, knock off designer handbags (at least I think they are knock offs. I don't know how to tell the difference really), kettle corn, any and every "as seen on TV" item ever advertised, rugs, dog crates, plants, day old bread, discounted groceries (boxes that are smushed and cans that are dented, that sort of thing), handmade baby accessories, antique tools, samurai swords, hats, jewelry, decorative glass, vacuum cleaners, guns, I could go on and on!!!

I had a really fun time power walking around and looking at everything. It was windy and overcast today and the market is so large, I didn't want to get caught far away from my car should it start raining, so I tried to see everything at a quick stroll :) I've started to get my groove as far as the logistics of going there. I always park in the same section of field. Since it is so far away from the entrance, no one parks there and I can get a spot in the shade. Then I pull out the stroller to use as my shopping cart and put James in a sling on my chest. I put his hat on him, I put my big floppy hat on me and away we go! James is usually asleep by the time I get to the entrance :)

Today I only brought $11 with me with a plan to buy fruit, veggies, and bread. I got everything I wanted for exactly $11!
Here is the list of what I got:
Day old bread: $1
2 Bunches of Asparagus: $3
2 baskets of apples: $5
1 basket of zucchini (locally grown): $1
1 basket of squash (locally grown): $1

I've also started to find which vendors are my favorites as far as price and quality. I am definitely going back to the stand where I got the zucchini and squash. Not only is it locally grown, but you can't beat that price for such yummy looking veggies! It is fun to get to see the same people every week, they always ooh and ahh over the baby and ask how he is doing. It feels very neighborly.

There is also a farmers market every Saturday in New Smyrna, which is much closer than the one I went to today. I think I am going to try it out this week while my family is in town. Hopefully it will be just as much fun!


T. Driaza said...

I LOVE farmer markets. That is one thing I miss about the south, there are sooooo many! Pablo & I use to go all the time in G'ville! You'd be lucky to find any good ones around here!I'm jealous! Their produce is always sooo good.

Devin & Amanda said...

So, my parents live in Daytona and we go to the Farmer's Market when we go over there. Did you try the pickles from the Pickle People??? Oh my goodness! They are so yummy! My parents are coming to visit today and I had them go and buy me two quarts! The horsey bites and the sweet and spicy ones are so delicious!

Lindsey and Bryan said...

How awesome! I can't believe you got all that for just 11 dollars! I've only been to one farmers market here in Gainesville, and it wasn't very impressive. But I've heard there are others around town, so this has definitely inspired me to go find a good one :)

Phambabe said...

Um, AWESOME!!! I wish our farmer's market had deals like that! All that squash for A DOLLAR?! I love flea market/farmers markets, but yours sounds way cooler than most of the ones I have been to around here!