Friday, April 22, 2011

I don't like Fridays anymore

So we are starting to not be a big fan of Fridays around here anymore. With Anthony's new schedule (his schedule has changed at least three times since he started his new job) he works a 12 hour shift on Fridays which means that he leaves around 8am and comes home around 10pm. So not cool! Then when he gets home, he goes straight to bed because it is back to work on Saturday at 8am for another full day. Thankfully he gets off at 5pm on Saturdays, but still! During the week he gets home around 1:30 and it is so nice. It feels like I turn around and he is home again. Sigh. I try to find ways to entertain myself and the boy during these long days...

So picture time!

I love his blue eyes. I don't know, they haven't gotten any less blue in almost 3 months, so maybe they will stay that way

That is such an Anthony face!!!

I caught the tail end of a smile. You got to be quick to get a picture of a smile on this guy.

Usually when he is done trying to hold his head up, his go to move is to try to eat his arm :)
He is coming up on three months and it is true what they say, he is a much easier baby at three months old. It has been gradual over the last few weeks, but he has slowly gotten more and more mellow. As long as he is fed, he will chill out and play for a good while. He loves to look at new things and new people. He just started doing this specific cry when he decides that he doesn't want to play by himself anymore. As soon as I go to see what he wants, he starts to smile or calm down just because I am there, before I pick him up or do anything. He certainly has me trained! :)

Last night he started crying in his crib only about an hour after he last ate, so I didn't think he was hungry. I went and got him and sat with him in the rocking chair. He actually just sat there awake and cuddled with me for a good 15 minutes!! You have no idea, this kid does not just settle down and cuddle. He either wants you to be feeding him and screams his head off until you do, or he wants you to bounce him, play with him, anything as long as you are moving and being entertaining. When I rock him to sleep, usually he has to be swaddled really tight and I have to keep a tight grip on him so that he is forced to not move and fall asleep. I actually started to tear up, it was so precious.

James has also become very vocal. He coos and makes noises all the time. Anthony even wondered aloud one day if it means that he is going to be very talkative when he gets older. I guess we will see!


Happy said...

Fridays: ugh, I hear you! When we lived in Jax, Jared worked in Gainesville on Fridays and Saturdays, so I hated both of those days! But that's awesome that Anthony gets home so early during the week!! He'll be able to spend so much more time with James than other dads get to!
That is one dang cute baby you've got there!! I can't wait to see him tomorrow!!

Phambabe said...

I think it's pretty much inevitable that he's going to be a chatterbox lol. He's so adorable!!

teachergirl said...

YAY for happier, easier James! you deserve it, heaven knows.