Monday, April 4, 2011

2 Months Old

Here are pictures of James at 2 months:

Things he loves: staring at faces, new things, getting his diaper changed (or being on the changing table, I don't know which one), being swaddled really tight, his pacifier, being jiggled on your knee, funny noises you make with your mouth, any type of mobile, his Benjamin Bear that makes white noise, sleeping on his side (I feel more comfortable with him in this position for now ever since the choking incident), being outside.

Things he hates: getting a bath, getting his outfit changed, being put down out of someone's arms when he is awake, getting kissed when he is mad (which we can't help doing because he is just so darn cute!!!), his carseat and carrides (which he used to love!!), any time you aren't paying attention to him :)

He has his 2 month check up tomorrow, so I will update his stats later.

Update from his check up:
Weight: 9lbs, 4 ozs
Height: 20 inches

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