Saturday, August 22, 2009

I knew there was a reason I didn't like fishing

Ant convinced me to get up at 6AM this morning to go fishing with him. Here was the deal: we would go to a fishing pier that was only 30 minutes away, it would be in the morning so it wouldn't be hot, and we would use bait so I would be sure to catch something. He was thinking that we would catch a lot of small snapper that we could take home.

On my first cast I caught an empty mussel shell. Score. I thought that was weird and maybe a fluke, but then Anthony caught one and I caught another one! So, we switched to the other side of the bridge. I started catching a lot of small bait fish and Anthony set them up on the other fishing rods. After about an hour, I was sitting next to the rods, just enjoying the sunrise and the breeze and the reel next to me started going crazy! Anthony yelled for me to pick it up because he wanted me to catch a big fish (and maybe stay out there longer?). I started to reel and it was HEAVY! We were both excited and were thinking maybe we caught a big one. We're looking into the water trying to see what it was and a DOLPHIN surfaced. A DOLPHIN!!!!!! Of course, I started flipping out. My voice stayed about an octave above my normal pitch while I kept repeating "what do I do? what do I do?" and all I could think of was that I was like those evil fishermen that kill dolphins when fishing for tuna (remember those commercials?). Anthony grabbed the rod from me and started to let it out but then it instantly went slack. He reeled it in and there was nothing wrong with the hook at all. It turns out, Ant had heard about dolphins doing this at this fishing pier. They just go around to the different hooks and take every one's bait, being careful to avoid the hook. Anthony kept laughing and calling the dolphin a "jerk". I was just happy that I hadn't hooked flipper.

After that excitement we decided to move our stuff to the opposite end of the pier. We weren't any more successful on catching something, but at least no one else was catching anything that we saw so I guess it was a case of the fish not being there. After about 30 minutes we had a little deja vu... The reel started spinning, I started to reel it in, the dolphin surfaced to laugh at me, and then the hook popped loose. When we reeled it in, he had carefully bitten down right next to the hook so there was just a tiny bit hanging on.

So now Anthony thinks dolphins are evil. Dolphins are evil because of their shenanigans today along with manatees for trying to flip him over in his kayaks a few months back I wonder what cuddly land or sea creature will prove evil next...


The Driaza Jrs. said...

That is a fun story! OMG I so would have cried. "Stinking Dolphins ...look at me, look at me"-Nemo!

Mom and Dad Lagana said...

Good thing I wasn't there I would of thrown the fishing pole at the Dolphin!!!

Happy said...

Too funny!