Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fishing Adventures

This past Monday Ant went on a 24 hour fishing extravaganza with his fishing buddy, Jason. Since Ant hates to drive, they made a deal that Jason would do the 6 hours of driving to a primo fishing spot (6 hours total= there and back). These guys are hard core about their fishing! They brought a canoe and ended up paddling over 10 miles in the course of the day. Jason caught the biggest fish, a 42 inch redfish: Now that's a fish you don't have to exaggerate about!
Ant's biggest catches were a 33 inch redfish and a 37 inch redfish:
Of course, the trip wasn't without some hilarious mishaps! First, it was pitch dark when Ant and Jason were paddling back to the truck and they accidentally disturbed a herd(?) of sleeping manatees. They got so spooked they almost capsized the canoe and managed to get Anthony and Jason soaked! Anthony said it was like an instant shower over his entire body. The manatees also put enough water in the canoe that they had to get out and bail the water out. After that, while they were paddling back Anthony and Jason decided that manatees are not docile and slow, but evil bloodsuckers with black hearts.

Second, while driving home on the interstate a strap on the canoe broke and the canoe went flying off the truck! So, at 11:30 pm Anthony and Jason were racing across the interstate to retrieve the canoe and then spent some terrifying time on the side of the road trying to tie it back on somehow without getting hit by a car. Anthony told Jason that if he starts screaming to run for the trees because a car would be about to hit them. Pleasant. In spite of everything, they were pretty lucky. The canoe wasn't that damaged and it didn't hit anyone behind them, it just kind of skidded into the median. Needless to say, Anthony was exhausted when he got home!!


Administrator said...

Whoa, crazy!!! The fish are awesome- be sure to tell Ant how impressed we are and how jealous Jared is!! So did Anthony think the manatees were alligators at first? I would have and it would have really freaked me out!!

Happy said...

That last post was from me, I don't know why it says, "Administrator".

grandpaandmimi said...

That's a trip for the record book!
Well I know what to bring next visit,
A bunch of ratchet tie down straps and a big spot light along with 2 blue ribbons for the biggest fish!!!