Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our new ward

Today was our first Sunday in our new ward. We weren't sure what to expect, but it went really well! It is a small ward, and EXTREMELY friendly, which makes things nice. Different people kept saying over and over that they love getting new people :) At the beginning of sacrament, a woman looked at me, smiled, and waved. I smiled back, but I thought she was saying hi to someone behind me. We met her after church and it turns out, she was saying hi to me. When we confirmed to her that we were new to the ward, she pumped her fist and said "yes!".

Another person came up to us right after sacrament and introduced himself. He then wanted to introduce us to the Bishop, so he led us to him, introducing us to everyone on the way. We met with the Bishop for a full 30 minutes, visiting and getting to know each other. He told us that most of the young couples in the ward are there for the summer to do seasonal sales work and will be leaving in the next few weeks. He also pretty much told us that we can expect some big callings, since a good chunk of an already small ward will be leaving soon. It is a little intimidating, but also exciting because I feel like it will be a good opportunity to grow. The ward in Gainesville is so big that sometimes it is so easy to just sit back and do nothing because there are a million and one other people available to serve.

As a funny side note, the piano in the relief society room is an electric, self-playing piano! I guess since the ward is so small that not many people play, so you just have to push a button and the piano plays whatever hymn you chose from the hymnbook!


The Driaza Jrs. said...

lol. We have one of those pianos in our sacrament & relief society...and we live in Utah! lol. Apparently we don't have very many music people in our ward either. Glad it was a good experience for you! Stay positive!

Happy said...

That's so awesome!! It makes moving much easier, doesn't it?!