Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I got good at posting there for awhile and then life caught up with me! We are doing good and still loving living here in Tampa.

Me: I absolutely love my job/internship!!! It is still as cool as it was in the beginning, if not better because I am more familiar with the people and everything we do. I get to do some really fun things so far, like making bus schedules in braille (fyi brailling things is a LOUD process), talking to students about where they got their guide dog trained at, figuring out how to use the new wheelchair straps for keeping your wheels in place on the campus buses, learning about the logistics of translating a class into sign language for students, and programming computers so that they can recognize my voice and speak patterns and write down what I say into a word document just to mention a few. I am well on my way to graduation. YES!!!! My comprehensive exams are due Friday and I have a little more than half done so far, and next month I will take my national certification exam. One day I will be out of school and it will be amazingly awesome.

Ant: Ant is having a good time in his classes. He has his first assessment/fake patient assignment today where he goes into a mock doctor's office exam room and takes a history from someone paid to be a pretend patient. He had to get a lab coat and everything, so he looks all official. Still, he keeps telling me how he likes his classes, but he can't wait until he actually knows something :)

Church: We both are having a good time with our callings as youth leaders and with our new ward. We've met a lot of cool people and this past Sunday I like to refer to as Lagana Sunday: we both gave a talk in sacrament meeting (my first since I was 14) and then Ant had to teach the lesson to the young men in the third hour. The joys of being in a small ward!!!


Happy said...

Yay for updates! Glad you guys are liking it there so much! And liking your ward and callings. Guess what! We might be moving back to FL!! I'll have to email you guys and tell you all about it.

CJB said...

Hi Virginia, can you please email Laura Nipper at:

She would like to invite you to her babyshower! Yay!

Mom and Dad Lagana said...

I Knew you guys are the smart ones!!!!! Pa