Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ant's aquarium

The aquarium is finally moved and looking good! Ant has been working non-stop for a week now trying to get it the way he likes it. He even tried to take pictures earlier, but they didn't look good enough for him :)
The full view. The left side of the tank. The right side of the tank. Under the actinic lights. Now you can see why it took over twice as long for him to move this thing and set it up than for us to move our entire condo!

I've been trying to get more involved with the aquarium and have Ant teach me more stuff, and it's been pretty fun. We went around to check out all of the reef stores in Tampa and some of them were so big it was like going to an aquarium. One even had a tank with sharks and sting rays! Next Ant really wants to get a pair of Onyx clown fish to replace his regular-old "nemo" clown. They're not cool enough anymore:) Here is what they look like: Aren't they cute???

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