Friday, July 31, 2009

Laughter is the best medicine

My family and I got back last night after a 3 day road trip to Mississippi to bury my dad in his family plot. The memorial service on Monday was wonderful, and so much that was said reminded me of my dad's sense of humor. Sometimes his humor was kind of morbid (I guess that happens when you spend your life aware of your own death), but it fits with my family and how we handle things.

Illustration: here is a picture of my dad picking out his spot in the family cemetery a few years ago Classic dad.

The trip was quite something. I don't think that we had all been on a car trip together since we were in elementary school. We rented a Tahoe so that we could fit all six of us, and let me tell you it was not big enough. Anthony and I got the very very back seat that was designed for children or people without legs because there was no floor! The seat was level with the floor, so we spent the entire trip with our knees pulled up against the seat in front of us. The trunk was right behind us and it was the size of a postage stamp, so everything was also spilling out onto our heads. Remind me to never buy a Tahoe.

It is a 9 hour drive one way, so we slept, ate, and played a lot of trivia and car games. We played an especially rousing game of "would you rather" which included questions like: "would you rather sweat cheese or wake up every morning covered in ham and not know why?" and "would you rather have a nostril that sharpens pencils or a navel that dispenses ketchup?" Who comes up with these things?

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