Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Proof that I am a nerd

Today we got our official reservation letter from the apartment complex we are moving to in Tampa with our address and everything. Guess what street we are going to live on? Matador Court. Who comes up with these names?? I've lived in Gainesville all of my life, so I am used to good ol' plain numbered streets. At least I have memorized our new address already :)

So, what was one of the first things I did after I got the letter today? After looking into all of the coordinating it takes to move (shut one service off, turn another one one, etc..), I had to look up the county's library website to see if it is as cool as the one in Alachua county. Then, I guessed at which library would be closest to our apartment and almost did a happy jig when it came up as 4 minutes away!!!! I had to bookmark it in my favorites right away. I seriously tried to think of a way that I could sign up for an account now so that I could start reserving books. Then, I started to get all excited about going into a new library and getting a new card and checking out all that they have there. I started telling Anthony all of this and of course, his response to all of this was to give me a "how in the world can you be this excited about the library" look. But hey, he is already checking out all of the Tampa reef-aquarium clubs and forums so he should understand :)

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Happy said...

That is really funny! Just wait 'till you have kids! The library will have even more things for you to get involved in!! When we were still in the hotel up here before we moved into our house, I had already called the library and tried signing Teya up for story time. I LOVE having an excuse to get and read new kids' books at the library each week! Have you read any good books lately?