Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Semester Over!!!

The summer semester is finally over! Ant took his last test today at 5PM and ended up with a high B in the class. We literally fasted and prayed our way through this class, so we are so relieved that it ended well! "We" also got a 96 in Anthony's research class, so take that! I am so happy to have my husband back!

On Monday we are going to Atlanta for a few days so that we can finally see the aquarium there. We have been wanting to go since it opened, but we both hate to drive and have always come up with excuses to not make the 5 hour trip. Now that we are moving 2 hours south, we figured we have to go before it turns into a 7 hour trip! My goal is to take a serious amount of pictures since we have been such photo slackers lately. I don't think we have taken more than a few pictures together since our anniversary last December!


CJB said...

Jon had a pharmacy event at the Aquarium in Atlanta and he said it was amazing. It's totally worth the drive!

Administrator said...

Congrats Ant!!! And Virginia!!! How awesome to be done!!! Wow, I cannot believe my brother has (or will have soon) a master's degree. So awesome!!