Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The largest aquarium in the world

This morning Anthony and I finally visited the largest aquarium in the world, the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, GA. We have been wanting to see it since it opened, and Anthony especially wanted to see the coral reef exhibit that has real corals (most places have fake stuff). It was amazing!!!! I felt like a kid because everything was so cool and new to see and all around awesome. We stayed in a hotel an hour outside of Atlanta and here are some pictures of us this morning:

Ant and I could not get over a peach tree in the parking lot of the hotel! I don't think either of us had ever seen a peach tree up close before. We even picked some, but they were definitely not ripe yet :)
On to pictures of the aquarium exhibits. I can't stress how amazing everything was! They also had little signs next to different tanks with a cell phone number to call and get a little guided tour of that part of the exhibit.
River Exhibit:
A big part of the river exhibit is a river that you walk under so you can see underneath all of the fish. These are some serious catfish beer bellies:
Cold Water Exhibit: All I could think about when I saw this guy, was how much good eating his legs would be! This whale was seriously loving all of the attention he was getting from the crowd. One little girl asked a worker why he chased away the other two females and he had to struggle to figure out a way to say that the whale wasn't chasing them, he was actually "interested" in them and the females weren't feeling it.
Leafy Dragons The jelly fish were so surreal! It is almost like they are some kind of alien creature or something.
The coral reef exhibit:
This is the view as you come to the main reef tank: They have a simulated wave that comes through every few minutes to mimic the ocean: I could just see the wheels in Anthony's head turning, trying to figure out how he could get his tank to do a wave like that.
Ocean Voyager Exhibit: The fish is bigger than the kid next to it! There was a moving platform that took you underneath the tank so that you could see all of the sharks and fish. We stayed a good 30 minutes just at this display window. It was so big!! The tank is the largest in the world and holds 4 whale sharks, which grow to be 30 feet long! Here are two of the whale sharks. Believe it or not, they are actually still juveniles and can grow to be twice as big.
It was so fun, and even though we had to cut our trip short, we are both so glad that we went!


Happy said...

Wow, that looks so awesome!! You've been to the one in Atlanta, right? Are other aquariums cool too? There are two up here that we keep thinking of going to. OH! And tell Anthony that the largest reptile farm or exhibit is located right here in Providence, 10 minutes away from us! I'll send him some info.

Mom and Dad Lagana said...

Wow I wish I was there!!