Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How did I live before coupons?

This week I had some especially awesome coupon deals. What makes it that much better is that some of the stuff I was getting ready to buy anyway, and I stumbled upon an awesome deal!

5lb bag of Purina Cat food 4bags@$5each= $20
*Used (4) $3.50 off coupons from Purina website
*Used $6 in register rewards from last week
Total= $1.40 (basically sales tax)

Kashi Granola Bars & Cereal 3 boxes@$3.33each + Colgate Toothpaste ($2.88)= $12.88
*Used (3) $1.50 off coupons from Kashi website
*Used (1) $1.00 off coupon from Colgate website
*Used $4 in Extra Care Bucks from last week
Total= $3.38 and I got back $7 in Extra Care Bucks for next week

Cherries (2lbs @$1.99/lb) + Bananas (2lbs @ $.49/lb) + Vienna fingers cookies (2/$3.99) + Chef Boyardee (2/$1.70) + No sugar added yogurt (4/$2.00) = $12.70
*Used (1) $2 off $5 produce purchase from Food Lion
*Used (2) $.55 off Keebler cookies from coupons.com
*Used (2) $1 off Chef Boyardee from simplydelicious.com (cashier reduced them to $.85 each)
Total= $8.00

How fun was that? I didn't do any real grocery shopping since we are going to be out of town for most of the week, so it was fun just to pick up the best deals. As a side note, I only bought the chef boyardee because it was free. We don't eat that kind of stuff, but if it is free I buy it and give it to the missionaries on sundays. I gives me an excuse to use more coupons!

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